Executive Recruitment

Service Excellence Programme

The University’s vision is to recruit and develop the world's most promising students and most outstanding staff and be a truly global University benefiting society as a whole.

The Service Excellence Programme has been set up with that vision in mind, and with the overall aim of helping to make the University an even better place to study and work.

Working in partnership with schools, colleges and professional services teams, the programme will deliver consistent systems, processes and ways of working to help make it easier for students to join and study with us and make life simpler and better for staff. The programme isn’t just focused on doing things differently - it’s focused on working smarter, in a way that sets us up for the future as a leading academic institution. 

For us, that means:

  • Making it easy for students to join and study  with us, find what they need fast and get the support they need online and at their fingertips regardless of course, programme or location 
  • Making life easier for our staff with consistent systems and policies, clear roles, smarter ways of working and less duplication. Plus increased support and training with more opportunity to develop new skills 
  • Working smarter, not harder  by removing duplication and working more efficiently - helping us to reduce and maintain lower costs and focus investment in the areas that will help build our future. 

This work is also an opportunity to build staff confidence, motivation, job satisfaction and professionalism across professional services functions.    

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